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Miscellaneous Completed Shorts and Tests


Since completion, I'd had an itch to remake 'Somethin' Fishy' (See Projects Page) with what I'd learnt in the time afterwards. 

Though not the remake I was angling for, this short certainly got the monkey off my back and served as an exercise for flexing techniques!

Glandular Song

Whilst afflicted with Glandular Fever (Avoid it if you can) Being washed out and bed-bound for about a month, i squeezed this out between bursts of energy and cabin fever.

Morning Interrupted

Less Cheery than my usual subject matter, This Video was created for an exhibition in London named 'I. am. interrupted.' which was promotion for the 'One Billion Rising' charity against Domestic Violence. It was situated in an installation which was a TV set propped up on bricks in front of a dilapidated couch, surrounded by rubble. 

KGF Ident / Bumper

Designed to proceed / follow short films I make, similar to the Universal Studios Planet spin. 

Featuring a Short rendition of 'Barnacle Bill the Sailor' played by myself on Accordion. 

I went on to update this for my (very) brief stint as a Youtuber. 

Emily's in a Dress Ukuladeez

Whilst Living in London, Guernsey's finest Ukulele band

Popped over for a tour around London thus lighting up the 'Old Smoke' with their fresh lyrics and sassy rhythms!


No tour would be complete without an impromptu video in a laundrette!

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